• High energy environment
  • Efficiently channel energy
  • Provide structure & stability
  • Improve focusing skills

Kaigan Karate School


  • Build memorization skills with repetitive & structured movements
  • Provide socialization & group belonging
  • Provide support & shared ideals
  • Helps in working toward goals

About Us

Guy & Monique Beech opened Kaigan Karate School, Inc. in February 1995.  We both currently hold the rank of Godan (5th Degree), which we attained in May 2015, in the traditional style of Shito Ryu Karate.  Kyoshi Richy Huneycutt and Kyoshi LD Tomlinson also awarded us both the honorary title of Renshi.  Guy Beech also holds the rank of Sandan (3rd Degree) in Kobudo (weapons) and Shodan (1st degree) in Toyama Ryu Iaido (sword).  We are members of Kodomo Bugei Kai, which translates to Children’s Martial Arts Association, because we are all children of the martial arts, no matter how old we are.  We all continue to strive to be the best physically and spiritually in the arts.

Over the years, in the martial arts business and dealing with children on a daily basis, we have learned that martial arts training is a tremendous help for children, especially ones diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

The following are key factors that help all involved in training, especially those with the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD:​